Some videos in KA French Math have no audio

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I’m having the same problem with KA videos which are in French. We are running Linux Mint 20 and have tried to access the videos with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. While the video portions work great, they have NO audio. We can download the videos and then play them on our computer using either VLC Media Player or celluloid. This is a BIG problem for us as we donate computers and a server which holds Kolibri to schools all over Haiti. The Math lessons are GREAT, but without audio, they’re of limited value. Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem.

@BCFE Since you are using Linux Mint, the issue is probably somewhat different from the one reported at the beginning of the thread, referring to Safari browser on an older iPad model.

We did a quick test by installing Kolibri version 0.14.6 on Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon testing machine, and video and audio for files in the KA French channel play correctly in both Firefox and Chrome.

On computers with free and open operating systems like Linux, licensing restrictions prevent the inclusion of the proprietary multimedia codecs on the installation media (ISO, DVD, etc). For the correct video and audio playback, these codecs need to be installed separately, either during the OS installation (see step 4. in the installation guide), or afterwards through the Sound & Video settings. Programs like VLC media player ship with their own codec support, and do not depend on the operating system like browsers.

Please check if you have the mint-meta-codecs package installed on your computers. You can use the Synaptic Package Manager as in the image above, or install directly in the Terminal by running:

sudo apt-get install mint-meta-codecs

Remember that you will have to install this package on all the server and client computers that will be used to play video and audio from Kolibri channels.

Hi Radina,
Thanks for the prompt response to my entry last night. We will check both our client laptops and Internet In A Box ( IIAB ) server for the codecs. Hopefully, our problem is solved.
Thanks again,

Hello again,
My “real” I.T. guy ( Don ) said that I should have given you the path those videos so that you can see how we access them with our client laptops connected to the IIAB server.

"I recommend providing them the Kolibri navigation path to visit a “problematic” video, such as this:
Khan Academy (Francais, langue francaise) → Mathematiques → Bases en calcul → Additions et soustractions jusqu’a 1000 → Soustraire 1 ou 10 ou 1000

That navigation will take them to a page with 3 videos and 2 interactive lessons.

This video on that page, Soustraire 10 ou soustraire 1000, exhibits the no-sound problem.
This video on that same page, Soustraire 1 ou 10 ou 100, does not, the sound plays just fine in Chrome. So in that way you give them a very handy comparison.

The other 3 videos that I listed on my last email can be reached via the same path.

He also said that you can use the Kolibri search UI, but that will turn up multiple results. The navigation path, also in the Kolibri UI, takes you to that page with those side by side examples of working and not working.

Hope this helps,


First of all, my entire request for help should probably be moved to a new section of the blog as we don’t have any problems with English content at all. Our problem is with a FEW videos in FRENCH. To repeat what I may have already said; we LOVE Kolibri and KA. However, a number of videos in the Math section, in FRENCH have NO audio when played directly from our server, called Internet in A Box ( IIAB ). They play perfectly well after we DOWNLOAD the videos to a client computer and then open them with VLC or another media player. However, they DO NOT have any audio when opened with Chrome, Chromium or Firefox. This tells me that the problem has something to do with the fact that the videos employ a CODEC which is NOT recognized by any BROWSER; no matter if it tries to play the video on our IIAB or after being loaded onto a computer. This should be easily corrected as 99% of the KA videos have both audio and video when played directly from the IIAB using any browser we want. I’m not an I.T. guy so could someone please tell me how to solve this problem ? Thanks, Denny

@BCFE Your question has been moved to this separate thread.

We are doing some testing to see if the codec might still been an issue.

Hi Radina,

Thanks for the email and for looking into this problem. I am ready to help in any way possible.


Hi Radina,

Just wondering if you have come up with a solution to the codec problem.