Kolibiri - not able to view video in firefox only


I have uploaded a video Writing basic expressions with variables from khanacademy english in my channel.

I was not able to view the video in Firefox browser 52.6.0 only. I was able to view it chrome.
The snapshot is as shown below.


Greetings Anand,

To further debug this, can you paste the channel ID containing this video.

Thank you,


I have imported video from Khan academy- English whose Channel id is 1ceff53605e55bef987d88e0908658c5

I have imported the video from it to my own channel KARKA KALVI whose Channel Id is

In my Channel , i have put the video under the following topics
ka-english -> class6 -> Term1 -> Introduction to algebra- >algebra1

I have the same experience with all Khan Academy videos after having upgraded the channel to version 12.
Have tried with multiple versions of Firefox and also Kolibri 0.10.0 and 0.10.1 .

Is this supposed to be reported elsewhere as it seems something specific to Khan Academy (en) videos.

Saw Laura’s response at Kolibri v0.10 has been released!. The suggested solution is for Linux but we are experiencing this issue on Windows as well as Linux.

Issue reported and being tracked herein - https://github.com/learningequality/sushi-chef-khan-academy/issues/3