[RESOLVED] User content download option

I have a custom channel that has a significant amount of content for teachers. They have asked for a capability to download individual items/documents. The Kolibri documentation indicates that there should be a download button visible for viewers, but we’re not seeing it, and I don’t see any way to enable that in our channel. The content was mostly loaded as PDF or Epub documents. What do I need to do to enable that for users?

Hello @markknit !

Yes, there is an option that Kolibri admin needs to activate in the Facility settings, in order for users to see the Download button for the individual resources. Go to Facility > Settings, activate the checkbox Show ‘Download’ button with resources (at the bottom), and save the changes.

Thank You! That worked. I saw another download related button and thought it was the only one, so I missed that one.

Glad you have it working as needed now :slightly_smiling_face: