Kolibri Studio: How can I add my own resources into Kolibri?

We’re delighted to introduce you to Kolibri Studio, our curriculum tool to add, re-describe, and manage your own personal resources or those you are already familiar with from our library.

Using Kolibri Studio, you can explore pre-organized libraries of open educational resources, and bundle, tag, differentiate, re-order, and distribute their content into custom channels. You can then publish and import channels–either your own or those shared with you by others-- into Kolibri (if you have an “admin” account) for offline use with a unique “token” generated for each channel.

Our public channels are available under “Content Library” and we will continue to grow the offerings available in the Library. Email content@learningequality.org with any recommendations that you would like to be included for public use in the Library.

Browse through the list of resources below to learn more about Kolibri Studio and to begin creating your own custom channel: