Registration of KA-Lite devices

Registration of Facility and Device did not offer choice to register on our Sharing Network for remote access.
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We registered 4 new devices but it did not ask us for our sharing network login and consequently, these 4 devices share with one another but we are unable to manage them with our sharing network login.
Installer method
RACHEL Plus installer, [ RACHEL_Recovery_USB_1-2-16_v9a, with update “Move_KALite_DB_20161111” ]
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  • Installer: Debian (onto Ubuntu 12.14)
  • Version: 0.16.9

How to reproduce any issues that came up
Login in as admin, go to MANAGE tab. ( It reports the device is not registered), then edit the Default Facility to correct name, location, contact info, etc, then save. Now it says successful registration and shows a public key, but it did not give option to enter the sharing network info.

We have four new RACHEL Plus servers configured with KA-Lite
which we will take to Liberia. While setting them up, we logged into the
KA-Lite admin account and went to “Manage” and then edited the default facility. We clicked on the “unregistered device” item and filled in the location, org name, contact
person, email, and phone. Then each of the four were “registered” and report a
“Zone for public key xxxxxx” message, and when we have them connected via an
isolation bridge to the public internet, they can see the groups,
students, and coaches from the other three, so we know they are somehow
communicating. But they do not appear in our central hub sharing account view.

Real-life consequences: For example, how this issue affects your deployment
The 4 new RACHELS sync with one another when connected to Internet, but we are unable to remotely access the student tracking results by logging into our Sharing Network account on the central hub.
QUESTIONS for the Support Community
The online admin and coach help manuals do not discuss the central hub registration process details except to show one screenshot of the registration methods (one click and sharing network). We would like to find out “Best Practices” for registration and how to correct devices that don’t appear in sharing network or that have failed and need to be replaced.
: 1. Is there a way to “unregister” a device other than deleting database and running kalite manage setup (which takes over a hour, and then requires entering all user accounts manually again)?
2. Can devices be “moved” or merged into other sharing networks?
3. What is the best way to handle swapping out RACHEL servers from one school to another due to technical failures or data corruption. Example: a school (without any internet access) has been logging student activities since beginning of semester, when the server reports a database error or “disk full”. So a spare server is taken to the school. Or one school decides not to use KA-Lite next semester so the server to re-assigned to a different location. Is there a way to collect or merge student user accounts and history to a new device? How should the new device be registered before it is delivered to the school?
4. What is the best format or schema for registering devices to enable remote collection of user progress when an organization has multiple physical locations, each with one or more RACHEL servers, and hundreds of student accounts each but no Internet access except when the RACHELS are taken to capital city with low-speed Internet capability. Our desire is to be able to capture data about the number of videos watched, exercises completed, time spent, and logins once or twice a semester to view back in USA to evaluate effectiveness of KA-Lite project.

We MAY have answered part of this issue by developing a workaround. First of all we delete the KA Lite data.sqlite file. Then log into server as “root” and issue the command “kalite manage setup” and answer all the prompts. This takes 45-50 minutes. Next open browser, see a message asking to log in as the admin user to finish setting up Ka-Lite, log into KA Lite as ADMIN, (then go to the MANAGE tab, see message that this device is not registered). Next, edit the Default Facility (or create a new Facility and then delete the Default), after entering our location and contact info, and we then can see a “Register Device” button in lower right corner. Clicking that takes us to the page where we have option of one-click registration or registering on the Sharing Network. Log in to the Share, and use the pull-down list of facilities. Select the appropriate one, and Register, getting a confirmation. But sometimes it gives an error about undefined public key, or sometimes it reports the facility already exists, so I add a number to the end, procede, and then in the Share Network I can delete the duplicate, edit/rename the new one to remove the number from end, and save.
However, we’d still appreciate answers to the questions we posted at end of this request.

@Samuel_Morris @leon - have you had a chance to look at the available data in the Hub where the usage data ends up?

Using the “Export” button in the top right corner, you’ll find a bunch for CSV export formats that might get you where you need to be?