KA Lite Device Re-Registration

In relationship to a few topics on this site around registration, we would like to manually register several KA-Lite implementations that are running on some Rachel+ devices.

According to a few of the other posts, such as this one - Is it possible to "Change Device Registration"?, a manual re-registration is possible. Is this still something that can be done? (If so, we have multiple devices we would like to re-register with the central hub).

I also found a /admin page that appears to hold all of the devices, public keys and zones…is it possible to alter the settings directly here somehow?


Hi @Joshua_Burke

A few questions for clarification:

  • What has the device already been registered as? Single-click?
  • What is the change in the re-registration that you are looking for? An arbitrary change?
  • Do you need to preserve user data or just wipe the installation free of users and their data before (re-)registering it?


We believe so as they appear to have been pre configured in the RACHEL devices.

Re-registering the devices to point to our own KA Lite Hub account

We would like to preserve the data but centralizing the data on our Hub account is more important.

Alright, asking @jamalex to be sure: Is it possible to unregister a device and mark all data unsync’ed, then re-register it?

We have the command kalite manage clearuserdata, but it will delete the user database, so that’s not what you want. The securesync commands kalite manage initdevice and kalite manage register both will fail if the device is already registered.

This isn’t something that can be done just on the client side, we need to re-link it on the central server. Could you send us the device/facility IDs by email at info@learningequality.org, and the account you want to associate them with.

If they were preconfigured on the RACHEL, it’s possible this won’t be feasible, as they will all have the same device id (they probably cloned the database during configuration).

@jamalex I believe I understand what you mean there. Would we then have to reinstall KA-Lite on the Rachel device? I’ve reached out to the KA-Lite team to see if that’s even possible.

Again, losing the data is acceptable if the end result is a centralized data point for these devices.


Do these device numbers sound correct? Device I D # 90665C and I D # C20B34.

@jamalex Were those IDs what you needed?

Hi @Joshua_Burke - I tried looking at the Hub’s database to find public device keys matching these, but I couldn’t.

Apologies that I can’t give any immediate answers here, we’re very busy looking at the new platform Kolibri… which at this point is the recommendable option to go with.

We’ll try to get back with a final answer regarding re-registration, but if you are okay about resetting the data on the devices, then kalite manage clearuserdata will reset everything such that the device can be re-registered (while online of course).

Thank you Benjamin. I’m trying this now. Is there a way to export/import the data? I’m assuming no as the config data, facility data and user data all seem to be combined.

Hey @Benjamin and @jamalex, I just wanted to close this loop with an update. We were successfully able to re-initialize the KA-Lite instances on the RACHEL devices using the clearuserdata command.

I also managed to import/preserve the facilities, groups and learners by importing the appropriate table data into the re-initialized ka lite databases.

Thanks for all of your help.