Retrieving student performance data from KA Lite module on Rachel Plus unit

I am using K A Lite through a World Possible Rachel Plus unit. K A Lite version 17.0. How can I export the student data, raw data, that is reflected in the Coaches Tabular Report? I would like to extract the individual student data showing how each student has performed on each K A Lite exercise. Can this data be added to the usage data that is exported? We have internet access. Please share your thoughts on this. I would think others have been down this path before.Can all of the student data be exported, synced, with your Central Server so I might retrieve the student data from there? World Possible has not been of help on this issue. Many Thanks. Bill Sanford

Dear Bill,

Have you registered your device through device registration?

In that case, you can attach it to a Facility, to which it will synchronize data, which will then be available for you to see (while logged in) on the Central KA Lite Hub:


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Do I need to register the device to use Kolibri?

Hi @khinelay - Kolibri is different from KA Lite. It does not require registration. But on some level, it will ask for registration once synchronization of data across devices and central server is in place. If you have any further questions about registration in Kolibri, you are welcome to open up a new thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @benjamin. I will open the new thread.