How do you sync data from the device if it wasn't registered initially?

Can KA-lite users set up directly on a RACHEL server be synced later when the device is registered, or have to be set up from the hub when device is registered from the outset?

Our schools have set up user accounts on KA-lite on the RACHELs. We have registered the device, but don’t remember seeing at the time the option for one click install or register with online account.

What do we do now? Can we get that data to sync, or do you have to start with registering the device in the right way, and then set up the users again? Thanks for your help, this is really key to our program!

Do you have an account with the central Hub ( If not, then you probably chose to do the one-click register option.

If you chose to one-click register, you will be unable to register with online access to data later. If you chose this option by accident and would like to start over, navigate to the folder KA Lite is installed and re-run the setup command. This means having a completely new set up, so make sure to use the ‘Export Data’ feature to grab your usage data before doing the re-setup.