RACHEL and Kolibri help me make the connection


I was in a remote part of Nicaragua in July 2017. We tested out bringing RACHEL on Raspberry Pis. I am now supporting a team going to Guatemala in July 2018 and Kolibri came up as an alternative to RACHEL.

Two questions:

  • Will Kolibri be ready for deployment by July 2018?
  • What are the core differences between Kolibri and RACHEL?


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Hi Colette, Thanks for reaching out and sharing more about your work. We currently have a public release version of Kolibri - learn more here - and will have an updated version before your deployment in Guatemala. We both offer quality OER (the RACHEL app includes various content sources, including Khan Academy content via KA Lite, so there may be some overlap in terms of content). The core difference is that Kolibri offers tools for content curation and supportive tools to coaches for innovative pedagogy. It would be great to learn more about your plans for deployment – our team traveled to Guatemala last May for site visits and visited our friends at Funsepa who also implemented KA Lite.