Kolibri on RACHEL hardware

Hello everyone,
I just learned about RACHEL which is distributed by World Possible - https://worldpossible.org -. It is a HW that integrates CPU, storage and wifi - and also is battery powered - and was created to provide access to offline educational content.

Has anyone in this community deployed Kolibri on RACHEL? I’d like to know the pros and cons.

Thank you.


I use the Raspberry Pi, the image for this is available from World possible. It is a lot cheaper than the RACHEL from World possible and a lot more flexible. The Pi also uses very little power. We use it with Kolibri in all the remote installations and in a more urban setting. You can see this work at giakonda.org.uk.

I have deployed RACHEL Plus with Kolibri in 5 schools in rural Dominican Republic plus 4 schools in Ghana. It works well, but we do have occasional problems with file corruption. Sometimes we can recover, sometimes we can not.
When we added 2 more schools in Ghana I decided to deploy Kolibri on a couple of old servers I was able to scrounge up. It seems to run more reliably on servers (either Windows or Linux).

Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback, really helpful. BTW, I took a look at your website and you are doing a great job, congrats. Curiously, I’m planning a deployment in a rural school in Nepal too - no electricity, no Internet.
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Hi LarryY,
Thanks for the feedback too. It is specially relevant since the deployment I’m planning will not have technical support nearby.
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You are very welcome & good luck.