Kolibri deployment in a girls center in La Pintana, Santiago, Chile

Hi, I owe you all my experience by implementing Kolibri in this Center. It is an informal education center for teen girls who have suffered a lot and they are not safe at home. The deployment is isolated from Internet for security concerns and it is very basic: a notebook which acts as the server and a wifi router that creates a wifi LAN. The mentors are very happy since the system solved a long need and they have started mentor the girls while they work in their life projects. Thank you Kolibri!


Congratulations for getting Kolibri and the system all set up for the Girls Center!

I noticed that your setup is isolated from the Internet. And since your Center is a little different than a traditional school, I wanted to share some information with you related to my post (on the same page as yours) about

Free Computers & Kolibri Using Linux for Indigenous Villages in Chiapas, Mexico

My post links to a website with a plan and guidance that features installing a variety of software that you can use without the Internet. Some examples, in addition to Kolibri, include making Wikipedia and a large number of electronic books available without the Internet.

My plan and guidance is based on using a free Linux operating system. But even if you are using a different operating system, you might find some helpful information in the documents on the website. A list of suggested free software can be found in Appendix B which can be accessed from the “Documents” page of the website. In many cases, I was able to include links to both Spanish and English versions of software and information.


Hola Marco, te saluda Werner desde Ñuñoa. Junto con felicitar tu trabajo interesante y desafiante, te quería compartir un trabajo que hemos realizado junto a un par de profesores. Se trata de un canal Kolibri donde seleccionamos recursos educativos y los alineamos al currículum “priorizado” de Matemáticas, desde Primero Básico NB1 a Cuarto Medio EM4, cubriendo todos los niveles escolares. El alineamiento de los recursos se ordenan para abordar los Objetivos de Aprendizaje definidos en el curriculum chileno. Este canal no se encuentra en la Kolibri Content Library (su repositorio de contenidos digitales) pero puedes descargarlo a través de un token: turug-mihav

Te deseo la mejor de las suertes y quedo a disposición,



Thank you for your kind email and excuse my delayed reply. I personally think your effort to give new life to old computers and benefit the communities is remarkable and I really appreciate sharing it.There is another benefit: caring the environment.

Per your experience, what are other barriers these remote communities face? As far as I know, I have seen lack of or unstable electric power and no onsite technical repair capabilities, besides other non-technical topics.

Kind regards.


Hola Werner. Perdona la demora en responder, he tenido mucho trabajo en las últimas semanas.

Encuentro muy valioso el desarrollo que han hecho con el currículum priorizado, aunque no he accedido a él, todavía. Con la pandemia, he visto muchos estudiantes y padres angustiados por el bajo nivel de aprendizaje que ha habido en estos 2 años, y pienso que iniciativas como la tuya pueden ser un elemento de gran ayuda en estas circunstancias.

Tuve recientemente una muy cercana y positiva experiencia con uno de mis hijos en 3ro. Medio, quién resolvió autónomamente su necesidad de comprender una materia de Matemáticas, buscando y revisando el contenido de Khan que le servía. Por otro lado, he leido de la importancia de que este tipo de aprendizaje sea mediado, que no todo se puede dejar al arbitrio del estudiante; probablemente autonomía y mediación se combinan de manera distinta en diferentes edades.

Yo soy ingeniero y me declaro ignorante en temas de pedagogía, por lo que si me puedes recomendar algún sitio para estar mejor informado respecto de lo planteado anteriormente, te lo agradeceré.



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Hola Marco, saludos cordiales. Sin duda, Kolibri puede ser una gran contribución para recuperar y desarrollar las habilidades de nuestros chicos. Sin duda, sobresale Khan, si tienes posibilidad de conectividad a Internet te sugiero usar la solución web, pues permite hacer seguimiento y acompañamiento de los aprendices con un rol de mentor. Espero puedas revisar el canal, atento a cualquier comentario. Abrazo!!!

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Hello Marcoalvarado,
I also apologize for my slow response.

To be honest, I have not been back to Chiapas, Mexico, since the computers began being used there. I live many thousands of miles away and the pandemic has made international travel difficult, as you know. So I don’t have an informed answer to your question. I only know that in photos I have seen, people in the remote villages are seen in a very rustic building with a dirt floor but still have a power cord plugged into their laptop.

Fortunately, in Chiapas, I coordinated with a local charity, so they periodically go out to the remote villages and provide support for the computers and learning as part of their charity outreach. Also, from time to time, the villagers travel to the city where the charity is located and use the computers there.

I also know that, if funds are available, it is possible to run a laptop computer using solar power.

Yes, onsite technical repair of computers for a remote location where there may be little computer expertise, scarce availability of computer parts, etc., presents a challenge. For a successful and sustainable program in a remote under-served community, I believe, this issue must be taken into account (e.g., a plan with some funding) before beginning the project. Otherwise, something like computer hardware failure could cause a very sad end to the program.

Fortunately, for my “Personal Computers for Under-served Communities” effort, I have recently gained a volunteer with advanced computer expertise who can communicate well in both Spanish and English to at least provide remote technical support. The under-served community can contact him via his email address listed in our blog post topic where volunteers can offer their assistance.

Hi Marco,

I will make this comment in English first, and then try to do it in Spanish.

I apologize in advance if I am stating an obvious approach that you are already implementing. But, because many students are falling behind in their education due to the pandemic, I want to share what I did as a volunteer in Bolivia.

I was working with a charity who helped many very poor children with very limited education. For mathematics, for example, I developed a test to assess the mathematics ability or level of each child. The results were shocking. But it was helpful. Because then, I was able to suggest exactly which mathematics grade level and topics (in a series of mathematics books) would be appropriate for each student to begin catching up on their mathematics education.

I am thinking that, with similar testing, we could possibly better select what particular components from Kolibri or Kahn Academy, would be appropriate for individual students who have fallen behind in their education. This might help them catch up with their education loss during the pandemic.

Mi español no es muy bueno, pero intentaré compartirlo con Werner y otros hispanohablantes.

Me disculpo de antemano si estoy afirmando un enfoque obvio que ya está implementando. Pero, debido a que muchos estudiantes se están quedando atrás en su educación debido a la pandemia, quiero compartir lo que hice como voluntario en Bolivia.

Yo trabajaba con una organización benéfica que ayudó a muchos niños muy pobres con una educación muy limitada. Para las matemáticas, por ejemplo, desarrollé una prueba para evaluar la habilidad o el nivel matemático de cada niño. Los resultados fueron impactantes. Pero fue útil. Porque entonces, pude sugerir exactamente qué nivel de grado y temas de matemáticas (en una serie de libros de matemáticas) serían apropiados para que cada estudiante comience a ponerse al día con su educación matemática.

Estoy pensando que, con pruebas similares, posiblemente podríamos seleccionar mejor qué componentes particulares de Kolibri o Kahn Academy serían apropiados para estudiantes individuales que se han retrasado en su educación. Esto podría ayudarlos a ponerse al día con la pérdida de educación durante la pandemia.

Hola Werner, saludos de nuevo. Me acordé de nuestra conversación y traté de encontrar el contenido de matemáticas que me comentaste, pero no lo encuentro. ¿Me podrías indicar cómo buscarlo?
Otra pregunta: ¿Qué tan difícil es preparar el material y subirlo a un channel? ¿Se requieren habilidades simples o avanzadas de computación?