Running KA lite from installation files without "installing?"

How can I run KA lite using the installation files copied from another computer because my computer cannot run the installer?

I have KA lite and .kalite in the correct locations along with C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\ kalite and ka_lite_static-0.16.9-py2.7.egg-info in the correct locations; python is installed.(The installer for python didn’t work either I don’t remember how I got it to work but it does.)

When I run kalite.exe it opens and can “launch the server” but when I type into firefox it says it cannot connect.

My PC cannot run install files for anything so I need to have it in its ‘already installed state’ without ‘installing’ it.

(Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit KA lite was installed using latest installer.)

Please help,


A bit confused as to why this was never responded to, so I just leave the response here anyways for future users.

To run KA Lite directly on Windows without the UI from the installer:

  1. With File Manager, navigate to C:\Python27\Scripts
  2. Get command prompt (shift-right-click open area; select “Open command window here”)
  3. C:\Python27\Scripts> kalite start --foreground

You might have to log in as a different user in case KA Lite has been running as Administrator or likewise, depending on your original installation.

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