Downloading KA Lite using the installer

I am trying to download KA Lite on my computer using the online installer but only a few videos come up and it keeps telling me that the installation is not complete. i am not a good computer guys but i can try. How can i do to fix this problem so i can use KA Lite.


Hi! It would be helpful for you to use the following format so we can try and help:

Hi Vuzy!!
I have a white mac book. I also have the KA lite installer on a flash drive.

A friend came from the US to Uganda and helped set it on my other mac pro and left me the flash. My wife is using the other computer and the program for her nursing and midwifery diploma.

I want to intall KA lite using the flash but i have no idea how to go about it. My friend went back to the states and he’s not responding to my messages. I tried the online version using installer but only a few topics download with a few videos. How can i go about this please. Thanks so much

It is important to know that the installer is for KA Lite software and not the entire library of KA Lite content (which is around 150 GB). If you installed KA Lite online, you can use the admin interface to download the content. If you’re using the offline installer, then you would need to get video content and put it in the correct content folder on your device. More details can be found here: