Downloading the PC version with a Mac

I have a macbook and an external hard drive. How can I download the both the PC version of KA Lite and Mac versions to my HD so that in Africa I can set up on whatever type of server I run into?

Hi Michael!

We have installers for both Windows and OX. You can download the installers and save them to your hard drive. Once you arrive at your destination, you can transfer the installer (i.e. via USB, or connect the external drive directly to the server) to the server, click on the executable, and follow the installation prompts. Since you’ll be offline, you won’t be able to do the online registration process, but that’s fine.

Before you leave, you should download the content you’re interested in, and store it on your external hard drive. We have documentation on how to do so in bulk. Once you arrive on site, transfer all the content files into the appropriate content folder on the server. Once you use the KA Lite administrator interface to scan that content, it should be available for use.