Not able to make the development server available through the LAN


I’m looking forward to contribute with the development of Kolibri. So far I’ve followed the documentation to set up my devserver and everything was going smoothly until I try to make the devserver available through my LAN.

“yarn run build” worked as expected but when I execute “kolibri --debug manage devserver –”

I get the following error: "Unknown command: ‘devserver’ ".

I tried to figure this out but couldn’t find a solution.

Hi @jose - possible that we have an error in our dev docs, but yarn run devserver runs the django development server, our watching webpack build process, and our linting, this should run everything you need to access the development server.

If you have built the assets and just want to make changes on the backend, then you can run kolibri --debug manage runserver -- and it will load the devserver, but won’t dynamically rebuild any changes to frontend code.

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Hi @richard,

Thanks for helping, kolibri --debug manage runserver -- did the trick!