How do i change the kolibri default theme?

I have been trying to find the file that holds the color themes for kolibri


Thanks for your interest in Kolibri! Searching the codebase for theme should give you some pointers of where the theme gets initialized: Search · theme · GitHub

One thing to be wary of, is that we have carefully selected the colours used in Kolibri in order to support best practices in accessibility. Our accessibility statement is available to read, and I would suggest paying particular attention to the WCAG guidelines for making text and other elements distinguishable, paying particular attention to use of colour, and minimum contrast standards.

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Changes are not taking place even after i restart the server

Are you running the development server, as outlined in our developer documentation? Getting started — Kolibri developer documentation 0.16.0.dev0+git.20220825223418 documentation

Does the server auto reloads after effects or do i have to quit and run again?

The devserver will auto rebuild frontend changes, and auto-restart the Python stack for backend changes.

It should also auto refresh your browser on frontend changes, or it will do hot reloading if run in hot mode.

I’m trying to start the hot reload and running into this error. What could be the issue?


Unfortunately, we’ve seen considerable issues with running Kolibri for development on Windows. We fully support Windows as a platform for Kolibri users, but encourage developers to use Windows Subsystem for Linux for software development.

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This is the error I’m getting on Linux Ubuntu. What possibly could be the issue?

Looks like you’re missing build dependencies required for pyenv. Please make sure all the required build dependency packages are installed, and then remove and re-add the Python version.

See here for more details: Home · pyenv/pyenv Wiki · GitHub (this is linked in our How To for setting up PyEnv: Installing pyenv — Kolibri developer documentation 0.16.0.dev0+git.20220829214210 documentation )

This error occurs when i try to run (yarn run devserver-hot)

Have you installed all the Python dependencies as detailed in our developer documentation? Getting started — Kolibri developer documentation 0.16.0.dev0+git.20220830172727 documentation

yes i have installed all dependencies

You appear to be missing at least one: drf_yasg. Please ensure that all dependencies are installed as per the instructions I linked. If you’re not sure, rerun all the dependency installation commands.

I have tried running on Ubuntu 22.04 and having errors. Which version is best for developing?

I use Ubuntu 22.04 as well - so that seems like a perfectly decent choice.

It looks like maybe your pyenv is misconfigured though? Have you set all the appropriate bash profile settings?

I’m redirected to this page once I run the port

Hey there - this is my fault I managed to break the onboarding flow while working to update it.

The easiest way to get this working for you would be to download the latest stable PEX release of Kolibri – then you can run that pex with python path/to/kolibri-0.15.7.pex start (be sure you put the actual path/name of the file you downloaded) – once that runs you can open and proceed through the setup.

Once you’re done, run python path/to/kolibri-0.15.7.pex stop to stop that instance of Kolibri. Now if you start up the dev server again, you will have a properly setup database that will be update to run on the latest version of Kolibri.

My apologies for the confusion here. I’ve learned my lesson about breaking develop “just for a bit” because it can easily turn into a longer issue :sweat:

In any case, this will be fixed on the Develop branch within the next couple weeks.

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what about developing?