Multicolor Text in Exercise creation

So I’m wondering whether it is possible to use colorful text in exercise creation tool in the studio.
I know there is no visual option in text editor but is there any other way to do that (like any specific code or tag). If not, then is it a feature that can be added to exercise creation tool?

Hi, thanks for the question. There is not currently a mechanism for coloring text, but it’s something that we can consider in the future.

Would you mind elaborating on the types of situations or question types in which the ability to set text color would be useful to you?

Using color eases the way to focus on a particular term that is important to the problem or exercise. Specially in the hint to elaborate the procedure of solving a problem using different color step by step helps explain things more clearly. It helps visualize different pattern in a problem. A simple example may be this [snapshot from KA content in kolibri.],
Screenshot from 2019-05-28 13-05-00
Visualization creates interactivity between the learner and the problem, which is really important for learner of grade 3, 4, 5.

thanks for the information!