[Resolved] Add cloze text as an exercise on Kolibri studio

Operating System (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux): Windows 10

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Description of problem: Currently we are support some of the Lewa supported schools in doing the mid-term evaluation. However, we are finding it difficult to include a cloze text in the exercise. How can we add cloze text in the exercise on Kolibri Studio?

Hi Alfred -
Thanks for asking about this. Is this the example you had in mind?:

In the exercise creator tool in Kolibri Studio, you can select the “Single Choice” response type and input the answer options, then select which answer is correct. You’ll see I’ve recreated this exercise question below in Studio:

However, we don’t support the traditional cloze test exercise formatting for fill-in-the-blank directly into the paragraph, as in the example picture below (pulled from Wikiepedia):

There may be formats in the Khan Academy exercises that differ from what you can create in the Studio exercise tool. This is because the KA exercises were created by Khan Academy and pulled into Studio, rather than being created by the Studio exercise tool. We’re working to expand what question formats we can support, but this explains the current disrepancy.

Let me know if this didn’t answer the question. Hopefully what’s available can support the students needs during the mid-term evaluations.

Yes, something like the last image. The reason we require such a formatting is because here in Kenya English and Swahili language examinations must have a Cloze text exercise as the first question. I have attached an image that shows exactly what we would need. The answers are in a dropdown and a learner is required to choose one of them to fill the gap.

If not, is there a tool we can use to create a cloze text in that format? Then we can pull them into Studio.

We do not support this question type in the Kolibri Studio exercise editor, but this is the exercise editor that Khan Academy uses for this format: Perseus. In other words, it would take a bit of developer work to create the exercise questions in the Perseus editor, and then you would need to integrate them into Studio using our script: Exercises — ricecooker 0.6.46 documentation

If this is technically too complex, my suggestion instead is to use the following question formatting to work around it:

"Mavis showed _______ when she built a homemade microscope.

Which word below best fits in the blank?"

And then list the answer options using the “Single choice” response format.

Thank you so much. I will look into it and get back you.

Hello Laura,
Below is the format of the Cloze test. We can only have it together as it is in the image. I am trying to use Perseus and ricecooker Api.

Thank you,

Hi Alfred,

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide additional direct assistance on the integration steps using ricecooker, but if you have specific questions about the process, we may be able to answer those. Have you reviewed our content integration guide? This links out to our technical documentation on page 23.

I wish I could help more as I understand this would be a great asset for the Lewa program - but happy to help brainstorm some other workarounds for using what’s available in the Studio exercise options.


Thank you, Laura,

We are currently trying to navigate the situation and the evaluations start tomorrow. Looking forward to more engagements.