HTML and Exercises


thanks very much for your work. I understand that exercises cannot be integrated in html5 apps and also I can not integrate html5 content in exercises. I would like to ask if there is a way to workaround this at the moment, or if not, what would be the best strategy to develop code to support this feature.

Best regards.


Hello Santiago
Actually, there are exercises inside html5 exercises, you can take a look at the Khan Academy or Phet channels. They have it. It’s not simple but possible.

In any case, using Studio you can create execises: that can be later used in lessons in Kolibri or to create quizes for the students:

If this does not solve your doubt don’t hesitate in asking again.

Thanks, José. A couple of examples of what I mean:

  1. An html editable table with some empty cells that user must fill by clicking in them and then submitting the answer. This would count as a quizz on user’s progress.
  2. A programming exercise where you must drag and drop blocks from one are into another in the correct order to have the exercise well done. This would also count as a quizz on user’s progress.

In my view, this is having a standalone html5app that can be graded, instead of the format question-answer that I have seen in studio. I have checked also khan perseus exercises but they do not seem to cover those cases. Maybe this can be done already, but I am unsure on how.

Thanks again.


Hello again Santiago,
I have both bad an good news for you.
The good news is that I have seen the two kind of examples in the Khan Academy channel, so it’s possible.

For the first case

For the second case:

Both resources are available in Kolibri if you import the Channel
Khan Academy (English) > Math > 1st grade > Measurement and data > Length and size

The bad news is that direct importing of these kinds of questions by end users is not possible currently. It’s done by developers only. In future versions you will be able to import any kind of question that can be packed in a SCORM format and any user will be able to do what you say, but not yet.

Hello Jose,

I am developing HTML5 exercises to integrate into my channel. Does the SCORM feature is already available? Are there any updates on the possibility for end-users to import such exercises using the code workaround?

Thank you for your time.