Creating exercises on kolibri studio

Operating System: Windows

Browser: Chrome

Channel : Jesma 008 Grade 8

Description of problem: I have tried creating a cloze test on Kolibri Studio but it is not possible due to the unavailability of a dropdown.

Hi @brian_mutuma - thanks for your post.

Unfortunately, we do not current support the cloze test format on Kolibri studio.

There was a similar question on the forum around this time last year, where one of my colleagues offered suggestions of two ways to create a similar style of test. One is a technical solution, which would require help from a developer. The other would be creating a “fill in the blank” style question paired with a single choice option, rather than the in-paragraph format. The question I linked has more discussion that includes links to documentation as well as some visual examples.

I hope one of these workarounds may be a helpful option to you!