Mapping Videos and Exercises back to the online source

I’ve just had an interesting question from Edulution in Zambia. They are asking how to refer from a KA Lite video to the source.

I was just about to say “download the latest content pack and just append the slug to” – but it turns out it’s not quite so.

Our slug:

Upstream slug:

I can imagine that it’s a problem with the slugs that come from the API are not the same as the navigation on - but is there a way to map them?

Any suggestions here?

Pinging @mrpau-eugene @Richard_Amodia ?

It’s as simple as adding a v or an e before the final slug segment (depending on whether it is a video or an exercise).

So making-5/ becomes v/making-5/.

THANKS - you are so right - after this, there’s a redirect to the final slug path.

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