Is KA lite downloaded videos not in sync with online videos?

I have downloaded few lectures a week ago using KA lite and listenig to it.Have a doubt: is online lectures in khan and the ka lite video are synched with each other?

For example,

1)“math->precalculus->limits” is available in ka lite,whereas it is not available online

2)“math->calculus->limits and continuity ->limits from tables” that is available online but could not be seen in KA lite.

3)“math->multivariable calculus->Applications of multivariable derivatives” that is available online but could not be seen in KA lite…

How to sync the datas.

Hi san,

Because we are a separate organization from Khan Academy, we do not guarantee exact content parity to their platform. Khan Academy is creating new content and pushing new changes to their platform everyday. We do not try to keep up on a day-to-day basis, and instead, only offer periodic updates to the Khan Academy subset of content we offer in KA Lite.

Despite not being perfectly in sync, what you see on KA Lite is an old version of what was offered on Khan Academy online. Hopefully that will serve your content needs!

In to gain more focus on stability of the application KA Lite, we have decided to freeze the contents for a while. This means that no new videos and exercises will be build on our content servers.

I think most people deploying KA Lite will understand the decision as it’s not the spreading of super-new contents that’s the main issue right now… it’s more about delivering stable software.

Because often changes API and content structure, it’s distracting / risky to fetch the very latest stuff. We are not able to verify that 25,000 exercises work, neither manually nor automatically. Therefore, error reports regarding video and exercises are almost destined to be discovered “in the wild”, meaning by the students.

With Kolibri, we will start fetching the latest data from once again. And KA Lite might also get an update later this year.

Kolibri will also make it possible to build and curate your own sets of contents.