Losing Content/Settings on Kolibri Ubuntu 16.04 Setup

Dear all,
I had a working installation of Kolibri this morning on Ubuntu 16.04 with users and classes already created, all i had left to do was to start importing content. My laptop ran out of charge but when I finally restarted it, going to http:localhost:8080 was a dead end (i guessed the web sever had stopped working;going to the ubuntu terminal and typing kolibri status confirmed this). On the terminal I typed kolibri start and on going to http:localhost:8080 instead of giving me a login screen it gave me a 3 step set up screen (asking for institution name, new user name, new user pass). This confused me as all i wanted was to get into my original account and continue where I had left off but when I finished the steps, I was in a brand new account and all my previous work was undone.

What could have happened? How can I prevent it happening in the future, undoing hours of good work? Where may I have gone wrong?


Hi @eliteschools!

What probably happened is when your laptop restarted after running out of charge, you logged in to the system/Ubuntu as a different user from the one you used to install and setup Kolibri. Could it be that you installed as admin, and now are logged in as another user or viceversa?

Hello @radina-matic thanks for the response. I see what you are saying but in this case its not the case, its a fresh install of ubuntu, I only have the one user registered, the admin.

@eliteschools Did you install Kolibri as a system service? It would have been offered as an option during the installation process…

Could you take a screenshot of the Device > Info tab when you log into Kolibri now?

I cant recall whether installed as a system service or not, though i suspect it was…where can i check?