Support in creating a new superadmin account

For context: Kate (in contact via e-mail) downloaded Kolibri and went through the set up steps and now is wanting to create a new superadmin account. I had advised trying the command line steps to create a new super admin account, or to uninstall and reinstall Kolibri and she’s still having some challenges. The description of her problem is below:

I have read through the documentation and tried all these actions prior to reaching out to bother you. Initially I signed up as a Learner as I wanted to see it from the students’ perspective. I’ve tried uninstalling the App (dumping it into the garbage, emptying the garbage, shutting down and restarting my Mac) numerous times and then downloading the app again. Each time, when I reopen it, I no longer get the original Initial Set Up sign in options menu that I saw in my original sign in. All I see is the screenshot below. I’ve tried signing in with new user name log in as well and I am only allowed the Learners view;; I do not have a tab for “Users” or “Lessons” etc. I have not had success working the documentation in Terminal either. It is recognizing my laptop as the original facility even after dumping the App and reinstalling, and I seem stuck in the Learner mode.

Any thoughts?

Hi @laura

Uninstalling the user’s data has to be done separately from uninstalling the application. This is because uninstalling Kolibri keeps the data. People should be able to reinstall Kolibri without losing their database and gigabytes of downloaded channel contents.

Here’s a draft to be added to the User Docs.

Removing all data

In order to delete the user data of Kolibri and start over from scratch, locate the .kolibri folder that contains the Kolibri database and delete the entire folder. The folder’s location is displayed in Device Info.

Hi Benjamin:

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

We are not able to locate the .kolibri folder. Our documentation shows us that we should see this through the pathway Mac (Home)/Users/katelapides/.kolibri/db.sqlite3 but there is no .kolibri folder visible…

Any ideas?

Hi @Kate4TheGood

You may need to show hidden files in the Finder as described here:

Thank you so much. This worked. We are truly appreciative. Thank you for taking the time to help us find a solution.

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