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I’m using Kolibri in Rachel+ 3. After setting up the Kolibri, my colleague gave the admin password.

Now, he forgot the admin password. This is one issue.
There are 3 types of facilities. facility-setup
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After setting up, we’d like to change that setting.
Do you have any suggestions for those kinds of issues?

Hello @khinelay
yes, there are solutions to the problems you have.
In the case you lose the password, if you have physical access to the server you can open a terminal and execute:
kolibri manage createsuperuser : it will ask you for a new admin login username and password that you can use to login and change the password of the previous admin user.

About your other question: In the menu Facility->Settings you can change all the settings that affect the facility setup. The names you have in the setup are just to select the right choices of the settings. They don’t mean anything else.

José L.

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I’m using Kolibri from Rachel+ 3 server. Is it okay to do so in Rachel+ ?

Thank you.

Yes, it should work on any device.
José L.

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Thank you very much. It is working. Thanks a lot.