Accessing Kolibri for the first time: Locating Kolibri data on disk drive


install in windows as administrator, and it shows me a location,

where is the data stored?
This installation would be as administrator, could students connect to my content?


Hi @joser369

Did we solve the issue about connecting to Kolibri in Unable to connect to Kolibri Raspberry Pi image from a Wi-Fi client using ?

It would be great if you can share what you want to achieve - are you installing Kolibri on a laptop and will the students be using the same laptop? Do they connect with another device via the network?

Here is the documentation for accessing Kolibri on Windows after installation:

Regarding where on your hard drive the data is stored: Kolibri stores data for your installation in the folder that’s listed in Device Info (see the link for more details). It’s the folder with the database - we call this folder KOLIBRI_HOME. Please copy-paste and post the info from Device Info if you have further questions.

Advanced notes about Kolibri data: KOLIBRI_HOME has the database and the content channels that you import. Those channels can take up a lot of disk space, therefore there is a guide to relocate this data to a different drive if you need that. These operations require command line (terminal) access.

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hi benjamin
its solven, error only for static IP.

yes , what this way for students?, If I create a course in a Windows installation, is it stored on my correct laptop? How would people see my course online?

Hi @joser369

Glad to hear that you got it working!

Anything that you create in a Kolibri installation is stored as local data. In future versions of Kolibri, this data can be shared with other devices that have Kolibri installed.

Kolibri can be accessed from local area networks and is designed for this.

Setting up online access to Kolibri is not recommended unless you are experienced with setting up web servers.