Placing Kolibri program in SSD and video files in HDD for Windows

I am currently trying to build a server computer with Khan Academy videos to be used at a university in Yangon, Myanmar. So far I have been able to download the Khan Academy files into my laptop and also onto my newly customized built desktop “server" computer. The server is a desktop PC, equipped with 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for fast boot time and 1TB HDD drives for data storage needs. However I am running into a problem with the Kolibri program, where it wants to reside its program at the same drive with the Window operating system. I can not seem to be able to load the Kolibri in different drive from Windows.
The reason is that I want to keep the Windows operating system on the SSD in order to boot quickly (in seconds instead of minutes), and move the Khan programs into HDD drive… only needed to run after system booted.
In short… Is there any way that I could separate the KA files and move all of the files to different disk drive? Please let me know how quickly I could have this changed.

Hey Ashley,

Follow this procedure from our user guide to change the location of all Kolibri files.

You will still have one folder with Kolibri files inside C:\Program Files (x86), but it will occupy only around 100MB, while the bulk of runtime and all the content files (that can occupy hundreds of GBs depending on how many content channels you import) can be located on a different hard drive.

Let us know if this helps!


Thanks really appreciate the help! Will be testing it out on site!