Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces September 2021: Teacher Training and Educator Support with Kolibri

We were thrilled to hold a Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces session on the topic of teacher training and educator support with Kolibri. We enjoyed hearing from speakers at the following organizations on their experiences in using Kolibri and training others for implementation:

  • Pratham Digital
  • EduTab Africa
  • Windle Trust International Kenya
  • Luweero Diocese Education Department
  • Idaho Department of Corrections

If you would like to learn from the experiences of these community members, feel free to watch the recording or look at the presentation slides from the session.

Do you have any experiences to share with training others on Kolibri? Share them below!

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We are starting off the continued sharing with a couple of other members of the community who wrote in with detailed experiences of their work with Kolibri:

Name: Mustapha Ayana

Organization: World Possible Ghana

What education context are you working in? (i.e. Formal school, nonformalcommunity program, etc)

I work in a non formal community program but also offer training on electronic learning in formal and non formal institutions, often schools both public and private, libraries but also for other non-profits in non formal learning programs.

  • How long were your training sessions on Kolibri and how were they structured?

Often Kolibri training sessions takes about an hour and a half.

Structure: This comes after training session on basic input and output skills for unskilled participants with computing.

Followed by brief description and functions of Kolibri module of RACHEL server.

Demonstration is done on

signing up for an account.

Longing in as a teacher

Functions accessible to teacher and it use in aligning lessons by topics.

Participants signing up for a student account.

Exploring student account features and use as a learner.

This is followed by a demonstration by each individual participants (mostly Teachers) to align topics in their field of teaching with colleagues participants.

This continues until the last participant is able to find and align a lesson and for administration.

Next is classroom management as participants would be administering skills with children who are most likely to me more curious and manipulative before a teacher or facilitator says do!.

  • What topics did you cover?

Mostly topics is based on teacher’s field of teaching but also with general resources like capacity building for women, financial management and entrepreneurship, Farm practices etc.

  • What are your tips for success?

My tips for success is the the fact that participants are able to use effortlessly the resources to improve their lessons. Also the fact that they together with the students are able to learn something which otherwise could have been difficult to understand or do or access but with access to Kolibri they are now able to study what they like with even more admiration than traditional way of studying or giving instruction. With Kolibri both teacher and students alike are learners!

  • Can we add your contact information to share out with others? Please note preferred e-mail addresses

Yes please: mustapha@worldpossible.org

Name: Carl Meyer (@Carl_Meyer)

Organization: ShiftIT

  • What education context are you working in? (i.e. Formal school, nonformal community program, etc)

Formal schools and informal national libraries (Malawi)

  • How long were your training sessions on Kolibri and how were they structured? What topics did you cover?

We did one full day training at all 20 locations recently in the digital Malawi project. Our training focused on Kolibri and how to navigate channels, manage users, manage classes, create and assign lessons and assessments. We pointed out the ‘How to get started with kolibri’ channel and set up a whats app group with the locations and the trainers to further support training and field questions in a forum where everyone started helping each other.

  • What are your tips for success?

if your training time is limited, do follow up with a support group.

  • Can we add your contact information to share out with others? Please note preferred e-mail address.

Absolutely! Carl@shiftit.co.za