Panelist-specific Q&A from January 28 Community Webinar: “Using Kolibri for distance learning amid COVID-19” Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces

We invite our panelists from the January 28th session to respond below to specific inquiries regarding their programs.

Question for all: Hi! It would be lovely to hear about the content used during these projects. Was it taken from the existing Kolibri database? Was it curriculum aligned? Was additional content sourced and used in these projects? etc.

Question for ThinkZone: How did you measure improvements? Were the stats you shared control groups or when compared to previous results? Amazing work!

Questions for Common Ground for Africa:
  • What were the biggest difficulties you faced that you could solve via WhatsApp groups? Was it mostly coordination? Thanks for sharing - fantastic work!
  • In Joshua’s presentation you have talked about grouping the learners together to share the devices. How are you managing that? can not the learners be at high risk of contacting covid?
  • How did you get local contents tailored to the African community?