Training Resources from the Community: Learning How to Use Kolibri

A member of the Kolibri community, @OGWAL_Isaac, recently wrote a blog post about his experience implementing and training on Kolibri with the Luweero Diocese Education Department.

As part of this blog, he also shares a full video playlist that he made for learning how to use Kolibri. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to get upskilled in using Kolibri and appreciates learning in a video lecture format. Thank you, Isaac for sharing this resource with the community!

(And don’t forget to check out Learning Equality’s Kolibri EdTech Toolkit for more resources on teacher training and educator support!)

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Hi @laura
Thank you so much for sharing this blog post which I wrote. I see Kolibri as the best for educators and learners, easy to manage and work with; that’s why I am creating these training resources and circulating them!
Best wishes to the learning equality community

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Great work @OGWAL_Isaac I agree with what you said, about it being one of the best resources. Still blows my mind it’s free. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Sam