Kolibri not running on Android Tv (Mi Tv)


I installed Kolibri on our Mi Tv (Android Tv). The installation was through web and showed successful installation. We have been trying to run it but in vain.

It is showing following errors/warning:

  1. Warning: root:No C Extensions available for this platform
  2. Permission error: Errno 13 - Permission denied: ‘/data/.kolibri’
    [This happened while Kolibri was trying to make directory Kolibri_Home - os.mkdir(KOLIBRI_HOME) ]

I am guessing it has something to do with the Directory warning. Regular python code os.getcwd is also not working.

Please help.

Hi @meenakshid, thanks for reporting this. I don’t believe we have tried installing Kolibri on an Android TV device before. We have tested it mainly on tablets.

I’ll ask around if there is something you can do to configure your TV to work with Kolibri. It’s possible however, that we may need to update our android APK installer to work with Smart TV devices in addition to phones and tablets.

Hi @meenakshid, would you also mind sharing the APK you used for this installation? The version might tell us more about why that directory is trying to be accessed.


Hi @david and @jonathan , the apk or whl file we used was accessed directly from the web through console of qpython through command install kolibri.

I tried searching for kolibri apk but could

n’t find any direct link except the pex file which I was unable to install on Mi Tv.

Am attaching a screenshot for reference of the errors I am getting while trying to run Kolibri after installation.

Kolibri file used was 0.12.8-py2.py3-none-any.whl

Think the issue is with qpython3 and Android Tv. Am getting the same error with qpython3 on my android phone.

We have actually had some users try using it with QPython, but there are some technical difficulties with that approach. See this post

Tried the method. It is not allowing me to add videos to my channel.