External storage

I am new to kolibri. I need help with having storage space. The command “movedirectory” for additional storage space is not working. Even “sudo systemctl kolibri stop” command is not working.

Thank You

  • Kolibri version 5.10

Hello @vincentg,

have you tried following “Change the Location of Kolibri Channels Files” tutorial in our documentation? Could you specify what do you mean that commands are not working, for example, can you see some errors in your console?

The link I’ve sent you is for the latest version of Kolibri (you can use the switcher in the left bottom corner to see the documentation for older versions). However, I am not sure if I can understand the version of Kolibri are you referring to. Could you check it one more time, please? It’s possible that not all commands were available in older versions.

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I tried the link you have sent me before but it keeps giving me “permission error: [errno:13] permission denied: /path/”.

The zip version that I download is kolibri-pi image 0.14.7 zip. When I boot up kolibri from raspberry pi, the version that says there is 5.10

Thank you!

Hello @vincentg according to your message it seems you’re interpreting too literally the documentation, where it says /path/to/new/home you have to write the path to the place where you want to move your content, it just means “path to the directory you want”.
Also, for obvious reasons it must be a directory where you have write permissions, or the command won’t be able to move the data.

One last thing, just for couriosity, could you attach an screenshot where you see version 5.10? We haven’t released that version yet so if that exists it’s an issue to fix. Thanks