Connecting remotely to Kolibri server

Hi Kolibri Support,

I have installed Kolibri Server on a computer in lab and set up everything- the facility, users and imported content. It works very well and that is great! However i would like the students to access the learning materials remotely over the internet over the holidays.

Can I have a copy of my local server hosted somewhere online such that I can create practice questions or adding new content and uploading from my local server to the online server and then the students can log on to it remotely with their credentials and finally sync the data back to my local server?

In addition, how can I remotely access a Kolibri server if the computer with the server is connected to the internet (not remote desktop connection but being able to pull resources from the server remotely).

Sounds interesting


We do something similar already using ha_proxy to forward requests to a device on the local network. The easiest way to achieve this will be just to use some VPS provider to run Kolibri for you. If you want more information feel free to send me a message about it.

Ok so i have successfully gotten kolibri to work on my public facing ip. To do so, i added a new file in /etc/nginx/sites-available called kolibri and used:

server {

server_name XXXX.XXX;

location / {

to redirect traffic from port 80 to the default 8080.

i added modified the hosts file to allow for a local domain address XXXX.XXX

then opened the port 80 in fire wall and router firewall.

granted this is probably the most insecure setup but havent figured out how to setup “htpasswd -D /path/to/file/.htpasswd username” to correspond with kolibri yet. But once i figure that out i will update here for others

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