My Kolibri doesn't startup it keeps on saying the server is starting.. please wait

I installed Kolibri 12.4 with python 3.4 in my windows 10 laptop and PC but every-time I open Kolibri it doesn’t run.
Please fix this error I really love Kolibri we use this open source app in our school in Guling National High School, Guling, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Hi Jonard,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! My name is Kevin and I’m one of the developers at Learning Equality. Could you tell us a bit more about what you are seeing when you try to start Kolibri? Do you receive any error messages? What happens when you try to open the URL in a browser on the computer you started Kolibri on?

Also, if you haven’t already, please look over the troubleshooting section of the Kolibri documentation, particularly the sections on “Antivirus” and “Locating the Kolibri Log Files”. Do you see those log files on the machine you are running Kolibri on? If so, do you see any error messages inside those files?

Hopefully we can get these issues resolved and get Kolibri flying for you soon!

My kolibri doesn’t opening… Always display “The server is starting… please wait”

Hi Jonard,

What’s the specifications of the laptop or PC did you used to install Kolibri? if it’s an old unit, I think you should wait the Kolibri to start and open the browser until 15 to 20 minutes.

If the Kolibri still not start with in that time frame can you post the Kolibri log files here located at C:\Users\(YourLoginUser)\.kolibri\logs path so we can debug the issue. Thanks.

My name is Pramod and I am from Prakash Academy. While running kolibri on windows desktop I used to get the same error.

The reason that I found after a few unsuccessful attempt:

Python which is essential for running kolibri either gets uninstalled or replaced by a new or old version of python.

Uninstalled and installed kolibri again this restoring the python version and then it worked.

Hope there is an easy solution