Kolibri delete of Khan Academy content does not work

I am using Kolibri .13, and have the full Khan Academy downloaded. I would like to delete subsections in Math, etc. However, when I use the ‘Manage’ interface to delete those sections the task starts and never moves past 0%. I left it running for over 12 hours with no progress.

Kolibri is running on Ubuntu 16.04.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Hi - some follow-up questions:

  • Would you mind checking whether there are any errors in the logs, and posting them here?
  • While progress was frozen, could you tell if Kolibri was using CPU?
  • Does restarting Kolibri help?

thank you!

I am having similar issues deleting content…stuck at zero percent in Linux…

Hi @guru, could share which version of Kolibri you are using, as well as any logs you might from around the time you were having problems. On Linux, they should be in a directory ~//kolibri/logs

You can also check to see if the latest version 0.13.1 helps your problem if that is not the version you are currently using. There is also a beta version 0.13.2 that you can also try.