Does Kolibri delete content that is removed from Khan Academy?

Hi, When Khan Academy deletes content from the site, does Kolibri automatically delete the content the next time the device is connected? I am going through the MCAT review material and do not expect to complete it before the Sept 2021 date when it is scheduled to be removed from the Khan Academy site.

Hi Harish,

Welcome, and thanks for asking this question! Kolibri will not automatically delete that content. Whoever is the admin on the device running Kolibri is the person who decides if and when to upgrade the (local copy of the) content on the device. So, even if you connect the device, as long as you don’t do any updates on the MCAT material after September 2021, all of that MCAT material will still be on your local device.

It’s really great that you’re reviewing for the MCATs. Good luck!