Kolibri and Ka-lite wont start server on Windows 10 64bits

I have an issue with windows 10 64 bits, When I first installed ka-lite it worked fine, went to the icon right click,starting server and then the option of load in browser will activate and could go to the browser to use it.

But later on I also installed Kolibri and alsoworked fine and then in this month I installed the last version and It was dificcult to open once the new version was updated I could not open the server with kolibri, a message kept showing up again and again starting the server too anoying… and I couldnt open ka-lite either, so I deceided to uninstall everything and make a fresh installation Ka-lite asked me to install Python …12 and Kolibri asked me to installed Python 14… Now finally Kolibri opened UP in the browser (google chrome) but ka-lite didn´t open showing up a message that the server will start and will let me know to open the browser, but that never happens, the browser necer shows up the program, then when I try to open it again it shows that is already open (the server) BUTDOES NOT activates me the “load in browser” option

What can I do to make Ka-lite to open in the browser?

Hi @Frank,

I’m sorry that you are not able to install both Kolibri and KA-LITE on your Windows 10. I tried to do the same thing as you did:

  1. Install KA-LITE, check that it’s working and stop the server
  2. Install Kolibri and start the server
  3. Start KA-LITE server again

For me, the ka-lite server starts successfully on my Windows 10 virtual machine at step 3, so unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce your error.

If you still have this error, could you please click on the ka-lite icon (the green leaf where you can see the options for start server , stop server, etc) and then click Show KA Lite logs. After that, you should be able to see a text file popped up. Do you mind putting the content in the text file here so I can further investigate what happened on your machine?
Thank you!

Lingyi Wang

Hi Lingyi,

I have also had a similar experience as Frank even though in my case I only installed Kolibri on my Windows 10 device. It worked just fine the first few days, then all of a sudden it couldn’t load in browser. I tried all the options (“run kolibri at system start-up” and “open browser when kolibri starts”) but kolibri wont open in my chrome browser. I uninstalled then reinstalled Kolibri. Again, it worked for a about three days then stopped opening… and the trend continues. Kindly advise me on what I should do.