KA LITE Server doesn't starts on Windows 10

I installed KA LITE on my 64 bit Windows 10 but it doesn’t goes beyond “The server is starting…please wait

Hi! I’m getting a similar issue. Windows 10, after starting server I get 2 python icons in the task manager for a second and they crash or vanish. I’m not using any kind of anti-virus, KA Lite worked without any issue on my Windows 8.1. An issue with Windows 10 perhaps?

Edit: I noticed the task manager,the disk percentage of my python.exe goes from 10% to 100% in seconds and it vanishes

Hi @Mohit_Dodeja - I’ve collected your two messages into the same topic. It looks like a Windows 10 specific issue.

Would you be able to post the last essential parts of your KA Lite server.log file? See: http://ka-lite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/developer_docs/logging.html

I’ve created a technical issue on Github, you’re welcome to follow it there or post further technical input such as logs:

Hi @Mohit_Dodeja ! May I ask what edition of Windows 10 are you using? Professional, Enterprise, Home, etc…

@Mohit_Dodeja your problem could be caused by having a broken/wrong Python 2.7 installation, please see: "python.exe has stopped working"