Disappearing channel

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Content channels have disappeared from view and, thus no longer accessible. One in particular is Khan Academy Science content in French. These channels were present and functioning a few weeks ago as reported by the users/managers of the system. No updates to the OS, nor Kolibri have been done in the intervening timeframe.

Kolibri is otherwise functioning with no other problems.

So, I’m wondering how I can determine what happened in order to help restore the missing channels and also possibly prevent it from happening again.

Thank you

Technical details

  • Kolibri version: 15.1
  • Operating system: Raspian Bullseye
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari

Hi @cjackson,

Are you able to access any of the log files for Kolibri? Troubleshooting — Kolibri User Guide if you can share them with me privately through the forum messaging I can try to take a closer look to understand.

Kind Regards,

Hi @richard : Thank you for your follow-up. I just checked and the kolibri.txt and debug.txt files are empty with a date stamp of Feb. 12, 2022. I believe that is approximately the timeframe I set up this particular Kolibri installation. Strange.

I’m in the village where this installation is located until tomorrow morning, but will return in 2 weeks and bring with me the missing channels from the Kolibri server in use at our center. But if there is something I could try before leaving, that’d be great. Otherwise, I can work on it when I get back up here.

The only other thing I can think of is if somehow the user running Kolibri changed - and that the installed channels are sitting in a .kolibri directory in a different users home directory?

I just realized that the needed files are now located in a different folder than I remember before. I’ve returned to our place and looked for the needed log files on our Kolibri system with is overall an identical setup. Now that I’ve refreshed my memory, when we go back up to the village in 2 weeks, I’ll get those log files for you.