KALite video updates

I have several installations of KALite in Kenya, and would like to update the videos on each to the latest versions. I can get the servers connected to the internet to download, but the entire package is much too large for that there. Is there a way to do partial updates for an installed system? That would make using a slower internet connection feasible. If this cannot be done on KALite is it possible with Kolibri?

Thanks, Mark K

Hi Mark,

We’re no longer actively making updates to the channels in KA Lite and so we recommend using Kolibri. Kolibri supports importing only subsets of Khan Academy (so you wouldn’t have to bring in all of the KA resources if you only need certain topics) and when updates are available to the KA channel, you will only need to import the updates and won’t need to re-import the whole channel.

Hope this helps!