Video download produces blank videos

Hello, I have installed python and Ka-lite successfully. I downloaded some videos via the interface(early math). The first attempt to play back nearly started like a second or two. But after that an error message like swag encountered. Another attempt to play nothing displayed but only a bank screen. Please assist me to figure out this challenge.

This is a problem that we are facing with the server that supplies the videos – it’s been down sporadically returning 502 Bad Gateway errors when requesting videos, which has fed these server error messages into the local .mp4 files downloaded as videos.

I’m investigating both the server and an update for KA Lite so it doesn’t produce these bad videos.

Thanks for your response. My next question is that if I download torrent and paste in the location user/ka lite /content, can that work for me? Without update?

@ONOJA_EMMANUEL Yeah that will work, after your copy and paste the downloaded videos from the torrent into user/ka lite /content path. then navigate to manage videos page and click the scan content folder for videos to sync the downloaded videos into the KA Lite.