Ka-lite single-user or no account required

Is there a way to configure ka-lite to run in a mode that does not require a login for individual users to access the content? We are configuring it to run in remote locations where students would only be accessing the content and there is no need to track statistics or grading, just want to provide the content. We will not have a facilitator to create accounts and don’t want the students to have to remember username/password, etc. Essentially, we are looking for a single-user open version that lists the subject areas and allows anyone access to the curriculum.

Hi @nightowl

That is a good question!

Firstly, individual users can already access content without logging in. Just press Learn in the main menu and you will see all the contents without any additional login requirements.

Secondly, if you want an option for giving students usernames without requiring passwords, look no further than the SIMPLIFIED_LOGIN setting. Just set SIMPLIFIED=True in your settings. You can read how to customize KA Lite’s settings here: http://ka-lite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/usermanual/userman_admin.html#configuration-settings