KA Lite dedicated wireless network and static IP address

Hello again, @vuzy @aronasorman

I have successfully installed the kalite (v16.5) on 3 different SD cards for raspberry pi 3. Installations have been successful but when i try to connect my tablet to the kalite network it gets timed out. I check on

and the results show a different inet address assigned to the pi even though the data from

have not been changed.

My remedy was edit
and include the following
interface wlan0 static ip_address= netmask=
The tablet connects now to the network but now this is what i see on
ifconfig wlan0 and the network ip assigned.

The question: Will this at any point affect connectivity at all?

Hi @elvistek,

I believe this shouldn’t have any effect! My understanding here is that changing dhcpcd.conf is an alternate way to getting a static IP address – one that /etc/network/interfaces should have done already. To make the original solution work, you just have to disable dhcpcd. But this should work too, and I believe is even more stable in wireless network interfaces.

Hope that helps,