Is Khan Academy content automatically updated in Studio?

We have been improving and adding additional content in the Khan Academy Fulfulde translation. I’m wondering how this new/revised content makes its way over to Studio so we can then sync it to local installations. The first time we did this, you had to do some work on your end to make it work. Is it now automatic, or does it require manual intervention on your side?

If manual intervention is needed, can the Khan Academy Fulfulde (FV in Khan) be updated?

Hi @cjackson ,

We have some technical issues with our Khan Academy integration script which we have been working to resolve - we’ll add the Fulfulde channel to the list of KA channels to update once we’ve resolved these.

Will let you know when we’re able to rerun it, and thank you for continuing to translate these materials!

Kind Regards,

Hi @richard ,

I know you all are very busy. Wondering if there is any chance to get the African Storybook channel updated in Studio before the end of this week. We finally got 18 additional titles translated and published in Fulfulde. They have been officially approved and published on ASb. I’d love to get them into the Kolibri systems here that will will leave Sunday AM to go to their respective homes. These are the Kolibri units from the hardware grant that are finally getting distributed and put into use.

If it’s not possible, we’ll work out something to get them updated in the future. Just thought I’d go for a long-shot!

Thanks again!

Hi @cjackson,

Sorry, no we’re not going to be able to do this this week. We do have updating the African Storybook Channel in our pipeline to update - with a focus on bringing in the books that have been approved and published specifically. We will also be switching from the buggy HTML5 upload format (that I know has had numerous issues on iPad 2 devices) to their more standard EPUB export formats.

My recommendation would be to download the EPUBs directly from the African Storybook website and then upload them to a custom Studio channel for inclusion.

Kind Regards,

@richard :

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand and the idea of changing out to the ePub format sounds like a good one!

Thanks for the tip on Studio. I’ll do that tonight.


Hi Richard. Hope this finds you well. Want to follow up to see if the issues for Khan Academy channel imports & updates has been resolved. We’ve been away for a number of months. Now that we’re back, need to follow up and update things.


Hi Chris,

Sorry this is still in progress. We’ve made some improvements, but there are still a couple of issues we are seeing that are blocking the publishing of a new channel. I am hopeful that we’ll have something shareable by the end of September.

Kind Regards,

Ok. Thanks for the update!