Transferring In-Progress web-based KA courses to KA Lite for offline use


My organization, Mercy Ships, is an NGO hospital ship that travels to different locations to offer life-altering surgeries in places without much medical infrastructure. One of the great things about our hospital ship is that we have an Academy on-board where students can attend school while their parents volunteer. One major bottleneck we run into is the available total internet bandwidth we can acquire, and we prefer to have programs accessed offline, such as KA Lite.

We currently have a version of KA Lite that is installed on our ship, the Africa Mercy (AFM). However, some courses were not installed onto KA Lite before they were needed, so some teachers began to use the online Khan Academy version. We are hoping to integrate the courses in progress onto our version of KA Lite so that we can both save bandwidth and allow the teachers to continue their courses.

Thank you for your time!

-Andrew Lindstrom

Hi Andrew,

We’re a separate organization from Khan Academy and therefore don’t have a process in place for integration between online KA and offline KA Lite. Unfortunately, this means that the data saved on your online profile won’t be applied to the KA Lite profile for the same set of topics.

I suggest getting all the content you’re interested into your local installation of KA Lite so that you can save as much bandwidth as possible!