Is it possible to enroll new students automatically to certain lessons?

I would like all new students who sign up for my Kolibri instance to be immediately offered an onboarding lesson. As far as I can see now, I need to manually add each student to the lesson. Is there a way to automatically enroll all students in certain lessons?

Hi @Dmitry_Linov,

Unfortunately, as you observed, currently the workflow is entirely manual. To understand the need completely here, the desire is to have a more seamless onboarding flow for learners - they sign up independently to your Kolibri instance, and immediately get enrolled into a class that assigns them the onboarding lesson? Is there a need for further options from there, or is it just the onboarding lesson that is important?

(As an aside, this would be possible for your specific use case by creating a small plugin for Kolibri, but would require some Python development work to do so).

Kind Regards,

Hi Richard, thank you for your response! Yes, the need is exactly as you described. No further action is needed after the onboarding lesson (or multiple lessons).