Feature request: courses (queues of lessons and quizzes)

Within Kolibri, we would love to be able to enrol learners in courses, which would be a queue of lessons and quizzes. The issue we are facing is that different learners enrol in our programme at different times of the year and we want to start them off from the beginning, meaning we have to manage complex cohorts within Kolibri (e.g. those that started last month vs this month). Over time, this cohort management will become unfeasible.

A course feature could allow us to queue up lessons and enrol individual learners in them at any stage. They could then complete the lessons and quizzes at their own pace, which creates a more personalised experience.

To manage what a learner can access at any given time, future lessons and quizzes in the course might be hidden from view until the learner has completed the “next up” lesson/quiz.

Thanks for the information!

Currently, you could put all learners in a single class and have all lessons set up for the class in advance, and the learners can move through it at their own pace whenever they happen to be enrolled.

However, there is no way currently to explicitly define ordering of lessons and quizzes within a class, and this sounds very valuable. I’ll make a note within our internal tracker.

Would you mind clarifying in what scenarios it would be desirable to hide future content until the learner has completed the prerequisite content?

Hi Devon,

For us the main value of not showing all the lessons at once would be to declutter the interface; we wouldn’t want learners to log in and see 30+ lessons waiting for them. We also want to ensure they do the lessons in sequence rather than skip around, particularly when later lessons build on prerequisites. Because our students complete the lessons without any teacher supervision, we don’t have any way of enforcing sequential learning, so the course sequence would help us with that.


Thanks for the additional info – we’ll consider these scenarios for our roadmap.

Hello there,

I thought of an alternative to implementing the above system of “courses”. Could we just have the ability to bulk copy all of the lessons in a class to another class? That way, we don’t have to copy over all of our ca 100 lessons individually each time we add a new class to the system.

As for the feature to set a lesson active on a given date, we are currently working on a script to automate that process.

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This will be very helpful feature. Currently, we have 15+ classes and 50 lessons and we have manually copy each lessons to all the classes. If we have this option then it will save us a lot of time

Hi @safi_khan - thanks! We’re currently scoping what offline resource organization needs are most useful, so we’ll be sure to add this feedback into the mix. We will also be making further outreach to gather more information on the community forums, so keep an eye out!

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