Invited user unable to activate account

We (The Turing Trust) have invited a partner, who is going to help us with content creation, to edit our test channel. However, when he tries to activate his account to be able to access the channel, he keeps getting the message
“Failed to activate account. Please try again.”

Although this has been posted before, the response was to contact the person who was having the problem to support them, so it isn’t clear what the problem was.

I would appreciate some help with this - and can provide contact details for support if required.


Nicola Turing

Hi Nicola,

Have they tried going to the Studio homepage and signing in with their account? What is the email account that was invited? We can check to see if the account is active and valid on Studio.

One reason a user may get this error is if they are trying to activate an account that has already been activated. Not sure if that is the case here, but I’ll file an issue about improving the error message to more clearly indicate when the error is caused by trying the activation process again after having already successfully activated the account.