Incorrect breadcrumbs when viewing lesson content

Observed behavior

When accessing a lesson on Kolibri, the breadcrumbs seem to be completely random and not at all similar to how they are set up on the content studio. This seems to also impact navigation - when a user clicks ‘next’ on the modal after finishing an activity, they are taken to a seemingly random lesson somewhere else.

Expected behavior

The breadcrumbs would correctly match how the channel was set up on the content studio. Users are able to navigate to the next activity within a topic.

User-facing consequences

It’s very hard for users to navigate content.


As an example, here is a screenshot of a channel in the content studio. The path selected should have the following breadcrumb navigation: School in a Box Level 6 -> Mathematics -> The Number System -> Real Numbers

Here’s what it looks like on Kolibri:

As you can see, the breadcrumb navigation seems to be completely random. We have this issue for all content channels we have created.


Kolibri version : 0.9.0
Operating System: Our servers are running Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

Hi @Jason_Tame,

Thank you for reporting the issue! I imported your channel School in a Box Level 6 into Kolibri, and it has the breadcrumb navigation the same as the one on your Kolibri Studio screenshot: School in a Box Level 6 -> Mathematics -> The Number System -> Real Numbers.
Here is the screenshot of the channel School in a Box Level 6 on Kolibri:

It looks like your screenshots of Kolibri show a channel that is not School in a Box Level 6 but more likely contains the content of School in a Box Level 6?
I’m sorry I’m still confused about why you think the breadcrumb navigation is random. Do you mind telling me what is the channel ID of your channel? Thank you!


Hi Lingyi,

Thanks for your reply!

We’ve set up a VM to test Kolibri:


You can login as a learner with the following credentials:

Username: test
Password: test

If you take a look at any of the non-public channels there, they all have incorrect breadcrumb navigation. I have tried deleting the channels and re-importing them, but the problem persists.

I’m going to try running Kolibri on different operating systems, and seeing if the issue is caused by the way we are setting up the servers somehow.

Hi @Jason_Tame,

Thank you for the URL! It’s very helpful. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize I was testing the issue on Kolibri 0.9.1, while you are having Kolibri 0.9.0. We fixed this issue on Kolibri 0.9.1 with So if you can upgrade Kolibri from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1, you should be able to see the correct breadcrumb navigation. Please check out our user documentation: to find the way to upgrade Kolibri based on your platform. Hope this helps!


Hi @Jason_Tame,

I’m sorry that I forgot to mention some steps after installing 0.9.1. According to @richard, after you install 0.9.1, you need to go to each channel import page to get the channel metadata reimported to have the correct breadcrumb navigation.

Thanks Lingyi!

Version 0.9.1 does indeed solve the breadcrumb issue for us. There are separate issues which prevent us from being able to use 0.9.1 in our education centres yet, but I will create separate threads for those.