About the Studio category

Kolibri Studio is undergoing active development, and during usage you may encounter unexpected behavior or problems. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we work to improve the Kolibri Studio Beta!

While we make every effort to ensure your work is saved and backed up, during active development it’s possible that some issues could cause data loss, so we recommend you save and publish changes regularly, and notify us of issues as soon as they occur to help us resolve them.

We appreciate your patience and assistance as we work to improve Kolibri Studio and make it an even better tool for importing and curating educational content for Kolibri!

Best Practices
Here are some tips on how to use Kolibri Studio in Beta mode:

  • Create smaller channels with fewer layers of the topic tree structure
  • Copy sub-sets of topics instead of whole channels at once (especially large channels)
  • Publish periodically to ensure that everything is properly backed up and saved
  • Compress videos before uploading them (we recommend following these instructions)
  • Report issues as you encounter them

Notable Outstanding Issues (Updated: 10/29/2018)
#1052 Reports of disappearing content

Two users have reported isolated incidents where content they imported from another channel disappeared, leaving only empty topics and subtopics. In one report, the content later re-appeared. They did not experience these problems consistently, and the incidents may possibly involve issues with a slow or unstable internet connection. If you run into this issue, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know as much information as you can remember.

#1072 Slow performance can lead to unexpected UI state

Some operations in Studio are currently very slow, and so it may appear that the change you attempted to make timed out or did not take effect. In many cases, the change is still being processed and will appear once it is complete. If, after 5-10 minutes, the change still has not taken effect even after a browser refresh, please file an issue. We are working on solutions to these issues.